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Online Caps and Spelling

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Online Caps and Spelling

Starts at $29.95 for one-year subscription for one user

James McCarten, Editor
Available in English

The alphabetical list of commonly misspelled words, proper names and abbreviations in The Canadian Press Caps and Spelling print edition is also available as a web-based, fully searchable version accessed through your own password-protected account. The Online Caps and Spelling is for users who:

  • Prefer using a search engine to quickly find what’s needed, instead of thumbing through an index?
  • Prefer to create an online, searchable archive of their own notes, examples, style entries and hard-to-spell words, instead of writing in the margins or attaching sticky notes.

Online Caps and Spelling subscribers benefit from:

  • The convenience of using their writing style guide wherever they have internet access.
  • The speed of real-time email alerts when our stylebooks editor adds or updates style entries.
    No more waiting for the next edition to be printed!
  • The flexibility of using search tools or browsing by popular topics or chapter.
  • The power of searching a database of FAQs from other users, answered by our stylebooks editor.

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The Canadian Press Online Caps and Spelling contains the standards set by Canada’s national news agency and used by media and communications professionals nationwide when it comes to:

  • Abbreviations
  • Hyphenated and compound words
  • Correct names of Canadian corporations and newsmakers
  • Internet terms
  • Pop culture references and more.

The leading A-Z guide for those who work with Canadian English

  • Does Charter take a capital C?
  • Should I write Czechia or Czech Republic?
  • Should I capitalize internet?
  • What’s the difference between fintech and Fintrac?
  • Need to know the abbreviation for Newfoundland and Labrador?
  • Whether it’s Zamboni or zamboni?
  • Is it Tim Hortons or Tim Horton’s? Trans Mountain or Trans-Mountain? Trans Pacific Partnership or Trans-Pacific Partnership?
  • Day care or daycare? Folk song or folk-song?
  • How many hyphens in do-not-call list? Or tax-free savings account?
  • Is it gray jay or grey jay? Whiskey jack or whisky jack?
  • Front-runner or frontrunner?
  • Saint John River or St. John River?

This page is for ordering a one-year renewable subscription to the Online Caps and Spelling ($29.95 for one user). Or go to the Online Stylebook and Caps and Spelling Bundle to order two books ($76.50 for one user).

Get started today in three easy steps:

  • Place your order: Use our shopping cart to select your desired number of user accounts.
  • Activate your account: An email from will be sent to you. Follow the link in the email to the account activation page. Choose your username and password, accept the terms and click the “activate your account” button.
  • Use your account immediately: After activation, you are logged in and can use your account!

Can I order for multiple users in my organization?

  • Yes! A “site licence” gives two to 1,000 users access to the Online Caps and Spelling.
  • With a site licence, one “editor” account is provided in addition to each user getting “individual” accounts.
  • Notes, examples and style rules added by you in the “editor” account are also visible in the individual accounts of all your users. Whereas anything added in “individual” accounts are not visible by others.