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CP Style Certification

Take our online test to earn your CP Style Certification

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CP Style Certification

$29.50  |  Online test of CP style rules

Complete our online test to earn your Certificate in Canadian Press Style and showcase it on your resumé and LinkedIn profile to stand out.

How does it work?

  • Sign up: To access the test, enter 1 for quantity and click the ADD TO CART button above. Follow the checkout process to pay for your test. In the email receipt of your purchase, you will receive a link to the test. Please check your Clutter or Junk folder if the email does not arrive in your Inbox.
  • Format: Our 80 multiple-choice questions test your ability to identify the correct sentence based on your knowledge of CP style.
  • Duration: Allow approx. 30 minutes to complete the test in one session, as saving a partially completed test is not an option.
  • Scoring: Your test score will be emailed to you. A score of 80 per cent or higher (at least 64 correct answers) means you can showcase your CP Style Certification by clicking on the ADD TO LINKEDIN PROFILE button that will be provided in the email.

Certification Levels

If your score is at least 80 per cent, we determine the level of certification you’ll earn by looking at how long you took to complete the test. You may consult our stylebooks during the test, but it may impact your potential certification level.

  • Foundational Level: Your LinkedIn certification badge will show as “Foundational Level” if your completion time is more than 40 minutes.
  • Advanced Level: Your badge will show as “Advanced Level” if your time is equal to or less than 40 minutes.
  • Master Level: Your badge will show as “Master Level” if your score is 100 per cent and your time is equal to or less than 40 minutes.


  • What if I receive my score and want to re-take the test to improve it?
    Yes. If you’re unhappy with your results, you may purchase access to re-take the test at any time.
  • Can I share the link to the online test with others?
    If you share the link with others, they may submit the test, but only those who paid to take the test will receive their score and/or CP Style Certification.