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Sales & Customer Service

Names & phone numbers to contact our team

Sales & Customer Service
866-294-NEWS (6397)
Monday to Friday 9:00 a.m. - 5:00 p.m. ET

Our IT support desk is available after hours at:
800-268-8149 or 416-507-2099

Who's best suited to help you?

Our sales reps have an average of 10 years’ experience working at CP, helping clients of all sizes across various industries.

Use the form below and we'll follow up, or browse our team profiles to call one of us directly.

Tristan Steiner, Marketing

Tristan Steiner, Marketing
Uncovers your needs to share initial pricing and i
ntroduce you to the right sales rep.

Donald Wright, Customer service

Donald Wright, Customer Service
Offers product training. Updates keywords and access to topics to ensure clients get the right content.

Andrea Gordon, À la carte content sales

Andrea Gordon, À la carte Content Sales
Provides info and one-time rates for permission to publish specific articles, photos, video and more.

Viriak Pich

Viriak Pich, Sales & Business Development
Provides newsfeed, media monitoring, custom content and new business opportunities.

Chantal Picard

Chantal Picard, Sales to Media & Government
514-953-3870 | Bilingual
Provides multimedia newsfeeds and media monitoring to broadcasters, French media and government.

Rowena Chan

Rowena Chan, Sales to Content Marketers and Media Companies
Provides newsfeed, media monitoring, custom content and editorial support.

Let's work together! Find out why our clients say...

"I can’t say enough about Andrea. She's exceptional, always answers immediately and ensures you get what you need."
– Monika Schurmann, photo buyer –

"The pictures are excellent quality, the headlines are written properly, support is very good and the pricing is competitive."
– Rona Katz, Impax Media, News & photos for digital signage –

"I’d recommend CP because their people are always delightful to deal with and their process is smooth from start to finish."
– Carla Hindman, Visa, Custom photography & videography client –

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