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Canada/National News

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Canada/National News

Add to your digital, broadcast & print properties the fast, reliable national news that audiences seek out.

With a hundred-year history of accuracy and public trust, The Canadian Press tells the stories that matter most to Canadians from coast to coast to coast. Our high-traffic, high-quality national news keeps people coming back to your properties, helping you build a loyal, engaged audience with less effort and investment than producing the content yourself.

CP's national newsfeed includes up-to-the-minute articles, audio, photos, video and graphics in English and French that:

  • The Toronto Star, CTV, MSN and other media companies rely on to help maximize audience engagement and ad revenue.
  • Brands and content marketers trust to help increase the volume of relevant content for their blogs and social pages.
Alberta wildfire approaches Anzac

Why Clients Choose Us

A century of experience providing unbiased, first-rate journalism, driven by truth and accuracy

With bureaus across the country and more than 180 journalists on the ground, ready for action, CP is uniquely positioned to cover big events like the federal election and Olympics, and respond to big breaking stories, even in far-flung and remote locales.

  • When a school shooter went on a rampage in La Loche, Sask., clients relied on our coverage to shed light on the underlying issues, while never forgetting the human face of the tragedy.
  • When a raging fire erupted in Fort McMurray, Alta., we sped towards the blaze, driven by a desire to deliver critical news.

Proven Leader for Breaking News, Exclusives & Analysis

Our journalists are keenly attuned to the emerging issues facing the nation: Be it the legalization of marijuana or the aboriginal suicide epidemic, our reporters, photographers and videographers know how to cut to the heart of a national story.

  • We make our stories relevant to a broad spectrum of readers, from Bay Street to the breadbasket and beyond.
  • We hold public officials to account for the policies that shape the national news and our everyday lives.
Man wearing glasses with marijuana leaves on the lenses, smoking marijuana in front a parliament building.

approx. 350 per week

approx. 500 per week

approx. seven per week

approx. 1,250 per week

approx. 15 per week

Sample Canada Newsfeed

Canada will 'shortly' see Spavor, second detained Canadian in China: Trudeau
National Icon


Canadian diplomats will be granted access "shortly" to the second Canadian detained in China, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau...

CN Rail reaches tentative agreement with 2,100 Canadian mechanics, electricians
National Icon


Canadian National Railway and the union that represents its 2,100 mechanics, electricians and apprentices in Canada say they hav...

Crown urges judge to keep case focused on vice-admiral's actions, not his motive
National Icon


Federal prosecutors have urged an Ottawa judge to keep the case against Vice-Admiral Mark Norman focused on his actions —...

Government funding cut a financial blow for Ontario midwives, association says
Lifestyle Icon


The association representing Ontario midwives is "very disappointed" about the province's decision to cut funding...

Trudeau expects cannabis supply shortages to be fixed within a year
National Icon


Prime Minister Justin Trudeau says the biggest challenge associated with the legalization of cannabis has been the sup...

World Sikh Organization demands Canada prove Sikh extremism is a threat
National Icon


Canada's public-safety ministry will reconsider the way Sikh organizations are described in a recent report outlining terror thr...

Mike Duffy can't sue Senate over suspension without pay, judge rules
National Icon


An Ontario judge has delivered a blow to Sen. Mike Duffy in his bid for financial restitution over his dramatic and protracted s...

Transportation Safety Board says lack of de-icing at remote airports poses risk
National Icon


The Transportation Safety Board says people using remote, northern airports are at substantial and unnecessary risk be...

Rash of bomb threats a learning opportunity for response capacity, Goodale
National Icon


Law enforcement officials in Canada and beyond will be working to learn lessons about how to best respond to bomb threats a...

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