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Regional News

Atlantic, British Columbia, Ontario, Prairies, Quebec, The North

Regional News

Satisfy demand for regional content by publishing news stories with a local perspective & national significance.

With 180-plus reporters across the country, The Canadian Press is uniquely poised to cover regional stories, wherever news breaks, from Atlantic Canada, British Columbia and the Prairies to Ontario, Quebec and the territories.

Use our up-to-date regional newsfeeds to easily keep your digital, broadcast and print properties fresh with reliable, relevant content that resonates with audiences.

Our regional news articles, audio, photos, video and graphics in English and French are used by:

  • Newspapers, broadcasters, websites, digital signage networks and other media clients looking to expand their coverage without breaking the bank.
  • Businesses looking to complement their branded content with compelling news stories from a trusted source.
A fire burns to melt the ground so a grave can be dug at the cemetery in La Loche, Saskatchewan.

Why Clients Choose Us

  • A proven leader in breaking news first, we are often first on the scene, doing whatever it takes to get to the heart of a story. Our journalists are fearless road warriors, unafraid to sleep in cars, bang on doors at dawn or relentlessly pester local officials.
  • Clients continually marvel at our ability to gather vivid detail from remote locales, whether it's the colour from a rescue scene on a frigid Manitoba highway, or gut-wrenching detail from the scene of a multiple murder in rural Nova Scotia.

Reporting On Important Regional Issues

As Canada’s national news agency, the bedrock of our service lies in our in-depth regional reporting on issues that matter most:

  • We offer comprehensive budget and election coverage and real-time voting results in all provinces and territories.
  • We cover courts, cops, city councils and issues communities care about, always keeping in mind the national significance.
  • Our journalists span seven bureaus (Toronto, Ottawa, Montreal, Quebec, Edmonton, Vancouver, Halifax) and seven offices (Calgary, Regina, Winnipeg, Victoria, St. John's, Fredericton, Washington, D.C.).
Andrew Weaver is joined by elected party member Sonia Furstenau to speak to media in the rose garden

 100+ weekly per bureau


40-60 weekly


one to two weekly


 25-150 weekly per bureau


one to 10 weekly from bureaus

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