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Live Calendar

Gain the foresight to know how and when to position your stories in the news agenda for maximum exposure


Live Calendar

See news events and editorial content plans  up to 12 months ahead to ensure your campaigns resonate with the media

The Canadian Press, Canada's national news agency, now offers a new bilingual Live Calendar! Introducing the only real-time service that:


looks ahead at more than 50,000 upcoming events and news items taking place in Canada and around the world over the next 12 months;


shows you in advance what CP journalists will cover and what time our articles, images, video and audio will be published. 

Ensure your stories are timely and relevant to the news agenda

The Live Calendar helps you:

  • Earn more media coverage and avoid potential crises;
  • Brainstorm engaging story ideas for thought leadership content;
  • Save research time when planning your PR campaigns and content marketing calendar around newsworthy events.


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Spot opportunities for media coverage

  • Never miss an opportunity, and avoid busy times: The Live Calendar increases your chances of media pickup by helping you find events to "piggyback" on, generate story ideas and angles, and know when to pitch your stories, experts and events.
  • Build credibility with the media: By planning your campaigns around the events and CP stories that are top of mind, you're more likely to get attention and gain a reputation with the media for proactively offering the right content at the right time.

No other service combines future events and current events with live updates on CP’s coverage plans, all in one place.

Why is it critical to stay ahead of Canadian Press coverage?

  • We keep millions of Canadians informed daily with reliable, unbiased reporting on the stories that matter.
  • Our stories reach your customers, competitors, investors and analysts.
  • We help shape the coverage of more than 600 newsrooms across Canada that have trusted CP for more than 100 years. Our digital, broadcast and print media clients often use our news "as is" and can also access the various events in the Live Calendar, such as:
    —  Political schedules, court cases, news conferences
    —  Reports, surveys and financial results
    —  Trade conferences and consumer fairs
    —  Awards shows, concerts, festivals
    —  Anniversaries, awareness days/months, and more.
K+ events

in Canada and around the world, curated and verified for quality and accuracy by CP's editorial researchers.


forward-looking calendar. Search and set up real-time alerts based on date, event type, category, location and keyword.

+ CP journalists

let you essentially "look over their shoulders" to know what we're working on and what time it will be ready.

Stay ahead of the news cycle. Stay ahead of competitors.

LIVE CALENDAR COVERS:  Politics   |  Business  |  Technology  |  Energy  |  Environment  |  Entertainment  |  Health  |  More

LIVE CALENDAR COVERS:  Awards shows, concerts, festivals  |  Awareness days/months  |  Anniversaries  |  Seasonal celebrations

LIVE CALENDAR COVERS:  News conferences  |  Court cases  |  Releases of stats, surveys, earnings  |  Trade conferences, consumer fairs

LIVE CALENDAR HELPS:  PR & Content agencies  |  Corporations  |  Charities  |  Consultancies  |  Banks & Insurance firms  |  Government