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Our Achievements

Award-winning news coverage

Our Achievements:
Driven by a quest for first-rate journalism

The Canadian Press is proud of the excellent work by our editorial team and the recognition they have received, including:

  • More than 45 National Newspaper Awards and Radio-Television Digital News Association of Canada Awards.
  • Awards from the Canadian Association of Journalists.
  • The Canadian Journalism Foundation's Excellence Award.
  • The Michener Award.
  • The Charles Lynch Award.
  • The Atlantic Journalism Awards.
  • Awards from the News Photographers Association of Canada
  • The Elmer Ferguson Memorial Award from the Hockey Hall of Fame and the George Gross Award from Sports Media Canada.
NNA CP Website 2021

2021 NNA Winner - General News Photo

  • CP photographer Nathan Denette was the winner in the General News Photo category for his photo of a COVID-19 patient desperately gasping for air as he receives life-saving medical attention in a hospital intensive-care unit. The judges described the photo as perfectly illustrating the painful and claustrophobic experience for patients and frontline workers fighting a devastating disease.
  • In addition, Frank Gunn, Chris Young and Jason Franson all received National Newspaper Award nominations for their photography for The Canadian Press.

2020 SABEW Best in Business Awards

  • The Canadian Press has been recognized with two Silver prizes in the 2020 Best in Business awards from the Society for the Advancement of Business Editing and Writing.
  • For her diversity series, Tara Deschamps used her connections among gig economy workers to share stories of discrimination in the workplace. This is Tara’s third SABEW award.
  • Anita Balakrishnan’s feature story examining a resurgence in union and other labour activity during the COVID-19 pandemic was also awarded a silver medal.
A foodora delivery driver navigates the streets of Toronto in winter

2020 National Newspaper Awards

police stand off

2020 NNA Winner – Breaking News

  • The reporting team of Michael MacDonald, Michael Tutton, Holly McKenzie-Sutter, Keith Doucette, Kevin Bissett, Adina Bresge and Jim Bronskill won in the Breaking News category for their minute-by-minute coverage of that mass shooting.
  • The team – led by MacDonald, Tutton and Vaughan on the ground -- was relentless in its bid to push for answers and pay proper tribute to the victims. And they were backed by so many staffers – from right across the company -- who jumped in to help us produce such a complete and hard-hitting package. I should add that the Atlantic crew has not stopped in their quest to find out how this senseless tragedy was allowed to happen.

RTDNA's Dave Rogers Award for Network Radio

A panel of judges has chosen Colin Perkel's five-minute documentary "One Bomb Remembered" as the winning entry for the RTDNA's Dave Rogers Award for Network Radio.

  • Colin reached out to Canadian diplomat Bushra Saeed-Khan 10 years after the I-E-D blast in Afghanistan that left her clinging to life.
  • His dramatic and compelling five-minute feature allows her to reflect on her long and gruelling journey to recovery and a hopeful future.
  • Colin expertly wove sound through his piece to illustrate Saeed-Khan's struggles and triumphs — the cooing sounds of a baby in the background tell us she was able to realize her dream of becoming a mother.

Incidentally, Colin's initial report 10 years ago on the deadly blast won the Silver Medal Award in the radio documentary category at the New York Festivals — a global competition.

A young girl at the Brooklyn Chest Hospital in Cape Town, South Africa.

2018 CAJ Awards

  • The Canadian Press is nominated in the Daily Excellence category for our coverage of the Humboldt Broncos crash. This was CP at its very best, responding to a huge story, and a terrible tragedy, with speed, care, accuracy, sensitivity and thoroughness. Our staff rose to the occasion, providing comprehensive, accurate coverage from the moment we first got wind of the crash and for days and even weeks afterward.
  • Laura Kane and Aleksandra Sagan have won the top award in the Open Media category for their series Contagion: The Growing Epidemic of Drug Resistance. Through extensive research and interviews with experts as well as people suffering the effects of the epidemic, they painted a frightening picture of the impact it could have on humanity, including millions of tuberculosis deaths, and the role Canada has played in propagating the problem.

2018 SABEW Best in Business Awards

  • Armina Ligaya, Tara Deschamps and Lucas Timmons are silver winners in the Package category for The Corporate Climb. The series of stories and graphics explored the state of gender parity in Canada’s corporate landscape and the effects of #MeToo in Canada’s C suites. They revealed that the #MeToo movement had sparked a surge of sexual-harassment-related internal investigations at Canadian companies. They also painted a bleak picture of the upper ranks of Canada’s TSX 60 companies, none of which were headed by a woman and two-thirds of which failed to include a woman among top earners.
A woman walks through Toronto's financial district.

Jonathan Hayward, 2018 CAJ Photo Journalism Finalist

Jonathan Hayward is nominated in the Photojournalism category of the CAJs for a portfolio of his amazing pictures, including from Humboldt, the Olympics, flooding in B.C. and various sporting events. Johnny was earlier nominated in the NNAs for the guitar man picture, and for news photo of the year for the News Photographers Association of Canada for the aerial photo of the Humboldt Broncos crash.

2018, 2017 and 2016 National Newspaper Awards

2017 CAJ Awards

  • A team consisting of Laura Kane, Geordon Omand, Joanna Smith, Sidhartha Banerjee, Paola Loriggio, Lucas Timmons and Kevin Ward got a nod in the Open Media category of the CAJs. The team spent weeks in addition to their regular duties putting together a series of stories on the impact the Supreme Court of Canada’s Jordan decision has had on the justice system.
  • The project broke new ground. The number of cases that have been impacted by the Jordan decision was quantified nationally for the first time, with CP’s statistics cited by the Office of the Federal Ombudsman for Victims of Crime in a report last November.
The Supreme Court of Canada building is pictured, in Ottawa, on October 15, 2014.
Signage at the corporate headquarters of Equifax Inc. in Atlanta

2017 SABEW Best in Business Awards

  • The team of Armina Ligaya, Aleksandra Sagan, David Hodges and Ross Marowits is nominated in the Breaking News category of the SABEW awards for their dogged work on the Equifax data breach, including finding out how many Canadians were affected by the hack.
  • Our business team led the country on that issue and their stories were picked up everywhere.

2017 RTDNA Canada National Awards

  • Short Feature category nominations: Chris Purdy’s report, “La Loche Remembered,” and Colin Perkel’s piece on Omar Khadr’s medic .
  • Best Use of Sound category nomination: Bill Graveland’s story on alternate treatments for Parkinson’s .
Two police officers stand out front of La Loche Community School

Darryl Dyck, 2017 CAJ Photo Journalism Finalist

Darryl Dyck is a finalist in the CAJ Photo Journalism category for his body of work from last summer’s wildfires in the Interior of British Columbia. The long hours Darryl put into the assignment produced a portfolio of memorable photographs that got widespread play online and in newspapers across the country.

2017 Atlantic Journalism Awards