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Sports Data

Power fan engagement with sports data visualizations

Sports Data Visualizations

Enrich the fan experience with customizable, eye-catching sports widgets and data-driven graphics.

Need to quickly and easily create immersive content experiences that excite, engage and inform sports fans? Whether you need scores, stats, news and/or graphics for your website, app, broadcast or fantasy game, The Canadian Press offers products from Stats Perform to fit every need and budget.

With more than 40 years of unrivalled industry experience, Stats Perform is trusted by clients as the authority when it comes to:

  • Collecting and delivering sports data with superior speed and accuracy, saving clients time and technical hassles.
  • Bringing data to life with customizable widgets covering 15 sports. Powered by live and historical sports data, the widgets provide audiences better insight and context.
  • Scaling the creation of eye-catching graphics in seconds. Using the PressBox Graphics platform and its 50 pre-designed templates, your team can easily create various graphics, videos and GIFS for all properties, be it web, social, broadcast or screens in stadiums and other venues.
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The Sports Data & Experiences Fans Crave

As the pioneer of delivering live sports data from more than 3,900 global competitions, Stats Perform helps you captivate fans with compelling graphics that visually present data in an easy-to-consume, interactive experience.

  • Ready-to-use, responsive widgets in English and French deliver game previews, recaps, real-time scoreboards and box scores, schedules, standings, leaderboards, player stats and more. Pre-match, live and post-match widgets are branded to fit your look and feel and are up and running with minimal development time.
  • Best-in-breed tool for your team to quickly produce unique metrics and sports graphics for all platforms. With PressBox Graphics and its pre-built templates that fit your design specifications, your graphics benefit from AI-driven metrics and Stats Perform's 40 years of data to unlock content not available anywhere else.

Stats Perform collects and delivers data from 3,900+ global competitions.


Stats Perform delivers data from 80+ leagues within seconds.


Stats Perform covers 501,107 matches per year.


Stats Perform has 40+ years of experience and delivers data via sophisticated APIs.

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Comprehensive Sports Coverage

Rely on The Canadian Press for breaking news, game previews and game recaps for every match throughout the season for most major leagues.

Explore Sports News

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Sports & Leagues Covered

  • Auto Racing: Formula1, IndyCar
  • Baseball: MLB
  • Basketball: NBA, NCAA, WNBA
  • Boxing: World Boxing Association
  • Cricket: Indian Premier League
  • Cycling: Tour de France
  • Football: CFL, NFL, College Football
  • Hockey: CHL, NHL, World Cup of Hockey, World Junior Championship, Men's and Women's Olympic Hockey
  • Golf: PGA, LPGA, Champions Tour, European Tour
  • Lacrosse: National Lacrosse League
  • Summer and Winter Olympics
  • Rugby: National Rugby League, Rugby League World Cup
  • Soccer: MLS, FIFA World Cup, English Premier League, UEFA Champions League, Olympic Men's and Women's Soccer, Germany Bundesliga, Italy Serie A, Spain Liga Primera
  • Tennis: ATP, WTA
  • Plus many more sports and leagues

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