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Media Monitoring

See tomorrow's news today to maximize your PR impact

Media Monitoring

Manage your media relations effectively with real-time alerts of developing Canadian Press news stories.

Get breaking news alerts from The Canadian Press via our exclusive NewsPro service — the powerful media forecasting tool used by PR professionals to earn media coverage and mitigate potential crises.

NewsPro emails instant news alerts when developing stories match your saved keywords — the same stories written by 180-plus journalists and often picked up "as is" from the CP Wire by more than 600 daily newspapers, radio and TV stations for use online, in upcoming newscasts and in tomorrow’s papers.

No other service alerts you to breaking news stories and audio clips from The Canadian Press Wire in real time, while there’s still a chance to make an impact on the media’s coverage.

Trusted by Government, Associations & Corporations

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Earn Media Coverage

  • Improve your chances of media pickup: Seeing CP Wire stories, plus our "advisories" indicating what we plan to cover in the days and weeks ahead, helps you get the media's attention by telling your story in context with what’s on their radar.
  • Spot opportunities for positive coverage: Being alerted to developing news stories related to your industry helps you spot opportunities to offer relevant experts and quotes for stories already getting coverage.

Mitigate Media Crises

  • Anticipate and avoid potential crises: Read the news in advance, as it’s happening and as stories develop, while your organization still has a chance to offer analysis, or correct misinformation before the story is widely published or aired.
  • Build credibility with the media: Gain a reputation for being a proactive organization that’s quick to respond with spokespeople who are consistently available and prepared for interviews because they’ve read the story in advance.
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The Canadian Press newswire desk

Why Monitor The Canadian Press Wire?

  • We keep millions of Canadians informed daily, as they rely on Canada's national news agency to report the stories that matter.
  • Our news is used by print, broadcast and digital media across Canada. That's why PR pros at corporations, associations and government organizations understand the importance of staying on top of the CP Wire.
  • Our stories reach your customers, competitors, investors and analysts, and we help shape the coverage of over 600 newsrooms.

Get a heads-up on relevant news for a head start on your PR strategy

Get real-time alerts of developing news stories via NewsPro

What your peers say about NewsPro

Sr. Lead, Media Relations, Advocacy & Public Affairs at OMA says:

As a media relations professional, it’s part of your job to know what people are saying about you or what is happening within your industry. With NewsPro, you don’t have to worry about finding that info – It comes right to your inbox and when a response is needed, you can do it quickly.

NewsPro is also our issues-management tool that helps us formulate our key messages and media relations plan. We use it to keep informed of issues that are happening within government and the health field, and stay on top of what the minister of health is saying.

Danielle Milley

Former Sr. Director, Corporate Communications at Air Canada says:

The Air Canada media team uses NewsPro on a constant basis to monitor competitive and airline industry developments. Access to real-time developing news allows us to react quickly in communicating our own position on issues impacting Air Canada.

Priscille LeBlanc




Manager, Media Relations and Editorial Services at IESO says:

NewsPro is customized to email me Ontario electricity-related stories and events as soon as they happen, and I might forward a story our VP needs to be aware of, but more often, I’m identifying an issue has been raised and we need to be prepared to respond.

There’s a good chance we’ll get a call about it at some point, so Command News gives us the time to make sure we’re ready, prepare our messages and get our notes in order. I can’t imagine doing a media relations job without it because it keeps you up on what’s newsworthy and what’s happening.

Mary Bernard

Senior Communications Officer at CUPE says:

Media monitoring can be an all-consuming task. NewsPro simplifies that process and manages it all for you. We typically use it to stay on top of issues that affect the organization and affect our membership.

The major advantage for us has been that we get the information in real time and likely before most know about it. It takes all the work out of media monitoring and delivers news on the issues that you’re trying to follow.

Hugh Pouliot


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