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World News

Captivate audiences with trending news around the world

World News

Keep your audience watching & wanting more with breaking world news wherever there's a story to be told.

The Canadian Press delivers to your audience all the news that breaks beyond our borders. Be it terror attacks or natural disasters, we share the Canadian angle. We also distribute reams of daily stories from The Associated Press and their unparalleled news teams reporting from 263 locations worldwide.

Free up resources to focus on your strengths by relying on our newsfeed to give your digital, broadcast and print audiences a whole world of stories from sources they recognize and respect.

Our fast, timely newsfeed of world news articles, audio, photos, video and graphics in English and French help:

  • Metro News, Global News, Yahoo and other media companies looking to maximize audiences and ad revenue.
  • Marketers needing a steady stream of relevant content to engage audiences on their brand's blog and social channels.
President of the United States Donald Trump walking wit First Lady Melania Trump.

Why Clients Choose Us

  • Exclusive Canadian provider of 24/7 AP world news: With over 50 Pulitzer Prizes, AP's journalists are the first to break the world's stories, which are only available in Canada through CP.
  • Distinct Canadian perspective on U.S. news: Our Washington correspondent relentlessly covers the ever-volatile Trump administration, focusing on how policies impact Canadians.
  • Reporting on Canadian politicians on the world stage: CP's mandate is to always be with the prime minister, reporting on Trudeau's travels, whether he's in London or Liberia.
  • Authoritative coverage of Canadian military abroad: Our long-standing priority is to report on the Canadian military, with journalists doing stints in Afghanistan and the Persian Gulf, for example, to cover our role in international conflicts.

Multimedia World News

  • Rich, shareable world news stories in all formats: When huge international events happen, we're there. We tell compelling stories that put your audience at the heart of it all, providing articles, photos, video and more for your website, on-air program, digital signage or publication.
  • Extensive range of subjects: From red carpets to stock markets, elections to global sporting events, our world newsfeed spans a wide variety of topics to cater to your audience’s diverse interests.

approx. 1,000 per week

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approx. 9,000 per week

approx. 200 per week

Sample World Newsfeed

Romania: Election expected to usher in 'European' generation
International Icon


Romanians will vote Sunday in a legislative election expected to restore some measure of stability in a country with one of the ...

California on the brink: Virus rages and closures imminent
International Icon


Much of California is on the brink of sweeping new restrictions on businesses and activities, a desperate attempt to slow the fr...

Swiss slopes buzz as those of neighbours sit idle in pandemic
Lifestyle Icon


Two weeks after beating COVID-19, Thierry Salamin huffs as his ski boots crunch through Swiss snow near the Matterhorn peak, rea...

Japan awaits spacecraft return with asteroid soil samples
International Icon


Japan’s space agency said the Hayabusa2 spacecraft successfully separated a capsule and sent it toward Earth to deliver sample...

Pressure mounts on Biden to make diverse picks for top posts
International Icon


President-elect Joe Biden is facing increasing pressure to expand the racial and ideological diversity in his choices for Cabine...

Biden weighs pick for agriculture chief from diverse slate
International Icon


One leading candidate for agriculture secretary hails from Cleveland, has the backing of progressives and has worked for years t...

Kuwait votes for parliament amid economic, virus challenges
International Icon


Kuwait began voting Saturday for its National Assembly, the first election since the death of its longtime ruling emir at a time...

UN health chief: World can start dreaming of pandemic's end
International Icon


The U.N. health chief declared Friday that positive results from coronavirus vaccine trials mean the world “can begin to dream...

Nearly 30 found in Texas smuggling operation, 1 man arrested
International Icon


An Honduran man was charged on Friday with harbouring more than two dozen people who authorities say were being held in a Housto...

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