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Political News

Draw in audiences with real-time, reliable political news

Political News

Give your audience a reason to repeatedly visit & stay on your properties with current, credible political news.

For 100 years, The Canadian Press has doggedly covered all the machinations and intrigue of Canada's political landscape. We report on the people and parties who govern us and uncover the political news stories that matter.

With our multimedia political news refreshing your digital, broadcast and print properties regularly, we make it cost-effective and easy to keep your audience informed and engaged.

Our political newsfeed includes articles, audio, photos, video and graphics in English and French that help:

  • The National Post, CBC, Huffington Post, iPolitics and other media companies increase repeat visits and time spent.
  • Government and other organizations balance their own content with impartial news from a respected source.
Parliament buildings in winter

Why Clients Choose Us

  • We get the inside scoop and report in person on every trip the prime minister makes, in Canada and abroad: Our team of intrepid reporters, among the largest and most experienced on Parliament Hill, routinely unearth scoops that tell the story behind the story, going beyond the daily scrums, briefings and announcements to uncover the hidden gems.
  • We shed light on the inner workings of Ottawa: Calling on a deep well of sources and a wealth of policy expertise, we explain why the government does what it does and what it all means for Canadians in their daily lives.

Elections & International Political News

  • In-depth coverage of provincial and federal elections: We’re one of a very small number of news agencies that ride all the leaders’ buses during federal elections. No policy shift, public gaffe or big announcement goes uncovered, and our Baloney Meter feature fact-checks politicians’ claims.
  • The Associated Press's political news is only available in Canada through CP: With reporters in every U.S. state and in more than 100 countries, AP set the standard for political reporting for nearly 170 years, covering U.S. elections, major political unrest around the world and more.
Parliament in session.

approx. 90 per week

approx. 50 per week

one to three per week

approx.70 per week

approx. eight per week

Need content leading up to and during the next election?

Deliver comprehensive campaign and election-night coverage your audience can trust from The Canadian Press.

Sample Political Newsfeed

Canada will 'shortly' see Spavor, second detained Canadian in China: Trudeau
National Icon


Canadian diplomats will be granted access "shortly" to the second Canadian detained in China, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau...

Michigan governor signs bills to gut wage, sick time laws
International Icon


Gov. Rick Snyder on Friday signed laws to significantly scale back citizen-initiated measures to raise Michigan's minimum wage a...

Trump club is in tax break zone, but is unlikely to benefit
Business Icon


President Donald Trump's company owns a golf club in an Opportunity Zone offering developers massive tax breaks, but experts say...

Crown urges judge to keep case focused on vice-admiral's actions, not his motive
National Icon


Federal prosecutors have urged an Ottawa judge to keep the case against Vice-Admiral Mark Norman focused on his actions —...

Government funding cut a financial blow for Ontario midwives, association says
Lifestyle Icon


The association representing Ontario midwives is "very disappointed" about the province's decision to cut funding...

Trudeau expects cannabis supply shortages to be fixed within a year
National Icon


Prime Minister Justin Trudeau says the biggest challenge associated with the legalization of cannabis has been the sup...

World Sikh Organization demands Canada prove Sikh extremism is a threat
National Icon


Canada's public-safety ministry will reconsider the way Sikh organizations are described in a recent report outlining terror thr...

Suncor warns forced provincial oil cutbacks pose safety, operational risks
Business Icon


Forced Alberta government crude oil production cuts next year will result in "unintended consequences" that could incl...

Mike Duffy can't sue Senate over suspension without pay, judge rules
National Icon


An Ontario judge has delivered a blow to Sen. Mike Duffy in his bid for financial restitution over his dramatic and protracted s...

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