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The Canadian Press Caps and Spelling

22nd edition | Published October 2018

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The Canadian Press Caps and Spelling

$22.00  |  22nd edition  |  Published October 2018
James McCarten, Editor  |  ISBN 9780920009567
Available in English

Caps and Spelling is a handy style guide that lists alphabetically the words, proper names and abbreviations most likely to cause problems for writers. Whether you’re in journalism, communications, publishing or public relations, Caps and Spelling helps ensure accuracy and consistency when it comes to:

  • Abbreviations
  • Hyphenated and compound words
  • Correct names of Canadian corporations and newsmakers
  • Internet terms
  • Pop culture references and more.

The leading A-Z style guide for those who work with Canadian English

  • Is it smartphone or smart phone? Burka or burqa? Login or log in?
  • Does Ontario Teachers’ Pension Plan have an apostrophe?
  • Are GM, Ford and Chrysler the Big Three automakers or the Detroit Three?
  • Find the answers to these and many other language questions in Caps and Spelling.

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This 22nd edition lists hundreds of the most troublesome words, names and phrases in alphabetical order:

  • How do you spell the plural of perogy?
  • Is it Web master or webmaster? Block chain or blockchain?
  • Should I capitalize internet?
  • What’s the difference between fintech and Fintrac?
  • Need to know the abbreviation for Newfoundland and Labrador?
  • Whether it’s Zamboni or zamboni?
  • Is it Tim Hortons or Tim Horton’s? Trans Mountain or Trans-Mountain? Trans Pacific Partnership or Trans-Pacific Partnership?
  • Day care or daycare? Folk song or folk-song?
  • How many hyphens in do-not-call list? Or tax-free savings account?
  • Is it gray jay or grey jay? Whiskey jack or whisky jack?
  • Front-runner or frontrunner?
  • Saint John River or St. John River?
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