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After I share some details about my needs, I look forward to immediately seeing your starting rate(s) to give me an idea of pricing.

I'd also like a free trial or samples of your content, so please follow up with me by contacting me at or preferably .

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I'd like to choose what I want to publish from existing editorial content created by your journalists. It's OK that this "licensed content" is also used by others because I want to keep my audience engaged with my channel(s) with current, credible news from reputable source(s).

I'd like your freelance professionals to create original content based on my brand and brief. I want to own this content that's exclusively for my use.

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Thank you! Here are the starting rates, which may vary from your quote.

Licensed Content
  • $400/month for unlimited articles from 1 topic
  • $250/month for 10 photos per month
  • $500/month for 10 video clips per month
  • $486/for unlimited audio clips
  • $200/month for unlimited graphics
Custom Content
  • $4,875 for 6 custom articles (approx. 500 words per article)
  • $555 for 1 photographer to capture as many photos as needed in a 2-hour shoot
  • $1,500 for 1 videographer to capture as much footage as needed in a 4-hour shoot and $200 per hour for video editing
  • $1,100 for 1 custom audio production
  • $900 for 1 custom graphic
More pricing info
Annual subscription: Our licensed content is available via an annual subscription and the rate depends on:
  • Where you're using the content
  • The size of your audience
  • The amount of content being used
A la carte: If you only need to license a few items on occasion, we also provide bundles or quote a one-time fee for the specific content item(s) of interest.