The Canadian Press Enters Video Co-production With Oovvuu | The Canadian Press

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Partnership with Oovvuu

The Canadian Press enters video co-production with Oovvuu

The Canadian Press enters video co-production with Oovvuu

The core of our crucial mission at Oovvuu is to tell trusted news with video and to empower newsrooms worldwide.

Having relevant video in a news article makes that article worth 13 times more to an advertiser.

But we’ve realised there are sometimes gaps in news video production and we’ve set out to fill those by directly funding video made by journalists in the world’s best newsrooms.

The Canadian Press is the latest to partner with us in one of these co-productions.

We use the data we have coming through from global publishers to commission videos we know people want to see.

And video journalists are free to tell the stories which may not normally get made because of the pressures of the news cycle.

The Canadian Press has been Canada’s national news agency for more than 100 years, with more than 180 journalists producing independent, trusted news for North America’s leading newspapers and broadcasters.

The co-production with Oovvuu will focus on North American politics and stories that surprise and delight the audience.

Ed Brouwer, managing director for the custom content division of The Canadian Press, said: “We share Oovvuu’s mission and passion when it comes to providing relevant video for articles and investing in quality journalism.”

“We’re excited to co-produce evergreen, internationally relevant, original videos that tell the ‘story behind the story’.”

“Our expertise in multimedia storytelling, combined with their editorial roots and AI-driven insights on the types of videos that don’t exist but are in demand, will make for a compelling partnership focused on trusted journalism.”

Oovvuu plans to roll out many more of these co-productions in the coming months.

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