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Reduce your newspaper's production costs with Pagemasters North America

Save money with efficient, centralized production of high quality pages tailored to your specifications

Pagemasters North America, a wholly owned subsidiary of The Canadian Press, provides U.S. and Canadian newspapers with a complete range of editorial production services, from copy editing and headline writing to design and layout of features, supplements, customized news pages and ‘common’ pages similar across most papers such as national and world news pages.

Pagemasters North America is a close collaboration between Canada's national news agency and Pagemasters, a subsidiary of Australian Associated Press (AAP) that has won acclaim as a world leader in editorial production with a track record for providing significant cost savings for newspapers in Australia, New Zealand and the United Kingdom. With The Canadian Press’ reputation for accuracy, integrity and speed combined with Pagemasters' expertise in achieving greater productivity, pages can be delivered to your newspaper's specifications and high quality standards at a fraction of your current production costs.

Pagemasters North America takes care of your page production so you can concentrate on newsgathering

By relying on Pagemasters North America to prepare, edit and design your pages, your staff can focus on your core competency – newsgathering! Your newsroom can focus on improving the quality of your paper's unique content, the local news, while other pages are produced by Pagemasters North America at local or regional editing and layout centres.

  • The benefits of "nearsourcing": Pages will be edited by North American staff on North American deadlines, adhering to your newspaper's language and style guidelines. This approach, instead of using offshore labour, ensures proper use of sports, political and other terms specific to American or Canadian culture.
  • Our quality guarantee for your peace of mind: Pages will be developed in close consultation with your newsroom, allowing pages to be highly customized and for you to retain complete editorial control of everything from story selection to placement and treatment.
  • High quality pages and higher standards of accountability: Pages can be created live within your editorial system using advanced technology that enables you to monitor quality throughout the process, raising the standards of accountability even higher.

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