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Keep your readers informed - The Canadian Press Wire news feed provides credible, current news stories for your print publication.

As Canada’s only national news agency since 1917, The Canadian Press is the source trusted by more than 600 daily papers and radio/TV stations to report breaking news stories as they happen via The Canadian Press Wire news service.


As a publisher, you can also access Canadian Press Wire news via our
web-based Command News service and gain the power to:

  • receive automatic email alerts of credible news stories relevant to your readers.
  • search the full feed of Canadian wire news, business wire news and more than 30 English and French categories/topics.
  • reprint recent news stories verbatim or as filler copy.
  • use the latest news for story ideas.
  • access the two-year archive of Canadian wire news stories when conducting  background research.


Our publication clients find it cost-effective and convenient to rely on The Canadian Press Wire news service because it helps them free up their editorial staff to focus on exclusives and features.


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