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The Canadian Press serves hundreds of media outlets of all types across Canada. Our team of more than 250 journalists report and deliver 24/7 multimedia news that Canadians see and hear every day in countless newspaper stories and photos capturing memorable events, as well as with the sign-off on radio news reports.

The Canadian Press is Canada's No.1 Source for News and leaders in:

  • Real-time, multimedia Canadian and international news
  • Cutting-edge digital photography
  • Online editorial images
  • State-of-the-art satellite and Internet distribution services

We provide news and information, photography and distribution services for:

  • Websites and portals
  • Wireless carriers and other content aggregators
  • Digital signage networks
  • Foreign-language daily newspapers and community newspapers
  • Magazine publishers and other print publications
  • Journalism schools
  • Public relations professionals in corporations, associations and government organizations

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Newspaper clients 



 Radio and TV station clients



 Online and other commercial clients