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CP Style Checker

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CP Style Checker

Starts at $125.00 for one-year subscription for one user
James McCarten, Editor
Available in English

Now you can proof your content based on The Canadian Press. Hailed as the Canadian journalism bible, CP Style Checker transforms the Canadian Press Stylebook and Canadian Press Caps and Spelling into the ultimate on-the-go editing aid for journalists, corporate publishers, PR professionals and marketing agencies.

Lingofy’s CP Style Checker proofs the content you create in web browsers, Microsoft Office, and Adobe’s InDesign and InCopy CC, flagging spelling and style issues while acting as your “second set of eyes” on deadline. The CP Style Checker can be customized to fix local spelling and style issues, too, and to override any CP style rules that don’t apply to your copy. For details on how Lingofy can improve your content, visit our Knowledge Base.


  • Spelling and style rules derived from the Canadian Press Stylebook and Canadian Press Caps and Spelling
  • Corrections for Canadian English
  • Lingofy Manager
  • 3 custom dictionaries (maximum 250 entries)
  • License for up to 3 different device installations
  • Browser plug-ins for Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox and Apple Safari
  • Work from anywhere, cloudbased service

What sets Lingofy apart from traditional spellcheckers is that it parses text in phrases, applying advanced algorithms that produce precise, customizable results when proofing for spelling, CP style, local style and usage. You can ensure consistent multi-word phrases, proper nouns and unique spellings in all your copy.

Some features and benefits of the Canadian Press Style Checker:

  • Flag spelling, usage and style errors that you can accept, reject or otherwise alter Lingofy’s suggested fixes.
  • Check content phrases rather than individual words, which allows Lingofy to know that it should change “center” to “centre,” but leave “World Trade Center” alone.
  • Create, edit, share and import custom style entries to manage regional terms (“quad” or “four-wheeler”), local proper nouns (“Saint John River, Outaouais, Saint John, N.B.”) or common typos and frequent misspellings (“mispellings”).
  • Set certain words or phrases as warnings to remind writers and editors to double-check context, avoid clichés or vulgarities, or strike them outside of direct quotes: “pubic” is appropriate in medical copy but probably not in a story about local government.
  • Access to multiple published dictionaries and references, including guides developed by The Financial Times, The Associated Press and more.
  • Set permissions and proofing guidelines to match your needs when sharing custom entries with other Lingofy users.
  • Test new entries or proof copy written off-line with a built-in Check Text feature.
  • Track which words are flagged most often from past proofing sessions with a powerful Proofing Statistics section.