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2020 U.S. Election News

Give your audience unrivalled coverage of the U.S. presidential election

U.S. Election News & Results Map

The choices Americans make this November will affect our businesses, our exports, our wallets and our holidays. Your audience wants to keep informed.

AP's U.S. election coverage is available exclusively through The Canadian Press in Canada, in English and French. AP is the proven, verified source for U.S. election results and race calls in each state, including all special and runoff elections.

  • Speed: AP employs over 5,000 people to count election results, so you get the results fast.
  • Accuracy: In 2018, AP called over 7,000 contested races with 99.9% accuracy.
  • Expertise: AP is the most reliable source of verified U.S. national election results anywhere in the world.
  • Drive digital traffic and attract advertisers: AP’s coverage of this high-stakes political environment is an essential tool in your battle for audience eyeballs.

Countdown to the U.S. Election

Joe Biden at a rally

Scope & Scale

The largest deployment of its kind in journalism. AP is the only organization to collect and verify every U.S. election return across the country, so you can report the declared winners for the U.S. Senate, House of Representatives and State governor votes with confidence.

  • Calling 5,000 races in all 50 states with more than 5,000 people on the ground.
  • Reaching across 4,000 counties, parishes, cities and towns.
  • Helping engage your digital audience and attract advertisers throughout election season with pre-election coverage.
  • Providing photos and bios of top candidates, campaign finance data, rules for absentee voting, early voting, registration requirements, etc.

Access fast and reliable election results

Engage your audience with interactive HTML5 maps that integrate with your digital and broadcast platforms. Access live results data in JSON and XML formats via an easily searchable API.

Map features and delivery

  • Results for U.S. president, Senate, House of Representatives and State Governor elections.
  • Geographic and cartographic map views.
  • National, state and county-level results.
  • Easy integration with broadcast and digital platforms.
  • Optimized for display on mobile devices.
  • Simple delivery via embed code.
  • Support for multiple languages: French, Spanish, Portuguese, Chinese, German
2016 map sample

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