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Mobile Publishing Platform

Software to create beautiful, engaging mobile apps in days

Mobile Publishing Platform

Launch content apps with minimum effort using Pugpig, the award-winning mobile publishing platform.

Created by software house Kaldor and available from The Canadian Press, Pugpig is the mobile publishing and engagement platform that powers over 300 apps for brands, enterprises and publishers such as IBM, Condé Nast and The Economist.

Don't spend a lot of time and money reformatting content for phones and tablets – Pugpig uses your single editorial process to create each responsive HTML page once and quickly publishes it perfectly across all mobile devices, orientations and screen sizes.

As your one-stop partner, we provide Pugpig’s fast, flexible technology with CP’s editorial services for designing, producing, curating and publishing content for mobile apps.


74 per cent growth in Canadian mobile app usage since last year (Flurry Analytics)


86 per cent of time spent by Canadians on mobile devices is in apps (Flurry Analytics & comScore)


172 per cent growth in usage of sports apps with real-time updates (Flurry Analytics)


Five hours spent in apps per day by the average mobile user (Flurry Analytics)


15 minutes spent per day watching video on smartphones (eMarketer)

Trusted by the world's biggest brands

Condé Naste

From Glamour to GQ, Wired and Vogue, Condé Nast is the biggest name in magazines and is in the process of moving their entire portfolio to Pugpig.


Pugpig goes way beyond simply delivering digital or PDF replicas of your printed publication. Create apps showcasing your editions and live content in between editions with full interactivity, including video, podcasts, polls, advertising, puzzles, shopping, curated social media, sharing and much more.


The global technology giant has used Pugpig to inform and engage its employees around the world since 2015.


At a time when app usage in Canada continues to grow and mobile engagement is vital, Pugpig helps businesses, retailers, government, schools and professional associations create an immersive, intuitive experience to connect with their customers, members, sales teams and staff every day.


Net-A-Porter, the world’s most successful high-fashion online store launched Porter magazine to huge acclaim in 2015 in print and as a fully shoppable, beautiful mobile app powered by Pugpig.

E-commerce and Mobile Engagement

Pugpig is all about bringing together your most loyal audience and delivering a mobile experience that keeps them coming back for more, giving you direct, daily interactions with your most valuable consumers.

Institute of Physics

The Institute of Physics is a leading scientific membership society working to advance physics. Physics World is their flagship publication and since its Pugpig-powered app launched in October 2014, Physics World has:

  • Doubled its monthly users
  • Increased international readership by 650 per cent
  • Reduced in-house production time for each monthly edition by 50 per cent
Hearst Magazines

Having worked with Pugpig since the digital launch of its Reveal magazine in 2013, Hearst recently migrated its entire portfolio of digital publications to the Pugpig platform.

The publisher that brought you Elle, Good Housekeeping, Men’s Health, Esquire, Country Living, Jamie Magazine and Harper’s Bazaar will increase its publishing efficiency by streamlining editorial processes with Pugpig.

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6 mobile devices lined up with magazine covers on each screen

Turnkey Technology

  • Winner of the Digital Magazine Award for Platform of the Year
  • Create apps in days, not months: For example, Pugpig is the engine behind 20 apps for a B2B publisher and after the initial setup, apps were created in three days.
  • Scalable support services: From setup and CMS integration to content ingestion, design customizations and more, we provide as much or as little support as you need from start to finish.

Engaging Editorial Content

  • Time spent in mobile apps is driven by consumption of news and video and usage is growing for apps with real-time updates (source: eMarketer).
  • Without hiring an army, keep your mobile users engaged with up-to-the-minute news articles, photos and video already being produced by CP’s 180+ journalists across topics such as business, sports, entertainment and more.
6 mobile devices lined up with magazine covers and stories on each screen

Why launch an app? Top 3 benefits unique to apps

Apps provide an addictive experience, one tap away from the coveted mobile home screen.

Apps cultivate highly engaged users who consume more content and become brand ambassadors.

Apps cut through the clutter, especially with consumers seeing messages via push notifications.

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