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Automotive videos

MOTORING, North America’s top automotive broadcast, airing on TSN since 1987, is now available for your digital audience through The Canadian Press!

motoringtvThe Canadian Press, Canada’s most trusted news source and leader in providing real-time multimedia content, now offers automotive videos from MOTORING, a national TV program produced by Bradford Productions. Now in its 25th year on The Sports Network, MOTORING has become the automotive
brand that Canadian consumers trust for informative and entertaining automotive video reviews and features that set the benchmark when it comes to production values.

Give your online and mobile audiences and advertisers the automotive content they are hungry for by adding high-quality video reviews and features from a well-known, credible source.

MOTORING videos, available in English, get down to the nuts and bolts of the automotive industry, bringing you stories about cars and the people who drive them.


This one could titled mini feature, it’s actually of a rally car crashing into a house..

Automotive video reviews (two to four minutes per clip): Well-known journalist Graeme Fletcher tests the latest vehicles, emphasizing drivability, design, performance, pet peeves and how the vehicle compares to the competition.

Video features (two to four minutes per clip): Topics include the latest concept vehicles, vintage classic cars, winter driving, stunt drivers and human interest stories, such as a profile on a twelve-year-old who races stock cars against adults – and wins.

Tip of the week videos (two to four minutes per clip): Bill Gardiner, MOTORING’s resident mechanic, offers tips for the driveway do-it-yourselfers and for consumers wanting to understand everything from driving more efficiently to maintaining their vehicles. Topics include buying batteries, tire pressure, winter warm-up time, fluid levels, fuel additives, buying a used car, and more.


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