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vitamindailyAs Canada’s most trusted news source, The Canadian Press is complementing its real-time, national coverage with local lifestyle and entertainment content from, a network of city-based online magazines that offer an inside look into all things stylish, from fashion finds to weekend getaways to up-to-the minute beauty secrets.

Captivate your audience with fun, engaging daily doses and editors’ diaries covering fashion, health, beauty, home, culture, dining and more in Vancouver, Calgary, Toronto and Montreal.’s 25 to 90-word doses and 25 to 200-word editors’ diaries are tailor-made for the increasingly popular lifestyle sections of newspapers, newsletters, magazines, websites and especially mobile apps needing short, useful content that keeps audiences coming back for more. You can choose which city edition(s) are relevant or take the entire feed via The Canadian Press, which includes a total of more than 65 doses and 30 diaries per month in English, plus a total of more than 15 doses and 7 diaries per month in French (some items include photos).

  • First on the scene with timely, relevant inside scoop: With a large national team of talented editors and bloggers who pound the pavement daily looking for the hottest local scoops in Toronto, Montreal, French Montréal, Calgary, Vancouver and beyond, delivers timely, valued information that helps your audience discover the best in their city and abroad.
  • Award-winning content, edited by experienced journalists: Winner of the 2010 Canadian Online Publishing Awards for best online publication, has every piece of content edited by a seasoned journalist who is an expert in that city. Its network of bloggers, plugged into what is new and exciting, personally taste, try, or otherwise experience every item, service or destination written about in order to provide an honest, independent review.

Browse samples of lifestyle doses and diaries covering: 

  • Health & Beauty: From the coolest anti-gravity yoga class to all-natural neighbourhood spa treatments
  • Fashion & Shopping: Love a good designer find as much an undiscovered local talent? When it comes to fashion and shopping, no boutique is left unturned.
  • Home & Decor : Home is where the heart – and the true test of good taste – is. Throw pillows and artwork and kitchen
    gadgets, oh my!
  • Arts & Culture: Highbrow art house fl icks and frothy beach reads – Who says we can’t have it all? Maybe it’s a great
    indie songstress, maybe it’s a a secret art deco antique sale.
  • Travel & Leisure: Sometimes a girl just needs to get away – Whether it’s a little-known weekend getaway, a weekend in
    Seattle or a week in Tokyo.
  • Dining & Nightlife: What better way to spend a night than eating and drinking your way through the city — Hand-cut noodles in Chinatown, gluten-free donuts, exotic libations, or that amazing little atelier that opened quietly in the laneway – it’s all on the menu.
  • Moms & Kids: Sharing favourite kids’ stuff with the most discerning member of the family: mom! Organic sunscreen, arts and crafts for a rainy day and adorable (and durable) clothing all make mom’s job a little easier. 



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