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As the definitive source of hockey news, The Canadian Press is expanding its content lineup with complementary feature content produced by The Hockey News, the No.1 selling hockey publication in North America, now in its 65th year. Canada’s most trusted news source and leader in providing real-time multimedia content is proud to offer analysis, commentary, unique hockey lifestyle features and more from The Hockey News.

Take your audience inside the game with in-depth features, rich with insight from THN’s reporters who have created a trusted voice in the hockey world.

Whether for your newspaper, magazine, website or mobile app, publishing THN features via an automated feed from The Canadian Press gives your audience access to a wealth of hockey information and insight from a well-known, respected brand.

  • Inside scoop and stories behind the scores from a leading, authoritative source: THN covers all aspects of the game that entertain and resonate with your audience, from the headlines, comprehensive analysis and cutting opinions to data breakdown, lifestyle, hockey pools and fantasy leagues.
  • End-to-end coverage of all 30 NHL teams and beyond: THN covers the entire NHL, with writers in each of the 30 markets, plus writers covering minor pro, college and junior leagues.
  • Industry-leading NHL prospect analysis: As a result of dedicating all energies to hockey coverage, THN sets itself apart from other sports outlets with its industry-leading NHL prospect analysis, introducing tomorrow’s brightest stars today.

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