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Press release distribution service and commercial photographers

Need a press release distribution service?
Send your press releases over The Canadian Press Wire Network – the same network used to deliver our own news copy directly into the editorial systems of about hundreds of media outlets of all types across Canada. PR professionals also consult The Canadian Press Stylebook before sending out their press releases to ensure they follow the writing standards set by Canada’s national news agency.

Need a list of our editorial contacts?
Ensure you’re reaching the right journalist when following up on your press releases.  Sign up now to receive the latest contact sheet listing individual phone numbers and email addresses of our editors and bureau chiefs.

Need commercial photographers to capture your next PR photo?
The Canadian Press Images provides a premium photo assignment service with photographers who specialize in capturing “media-style,” attention-grabbing photos to optimize your chances for media pickup.

Media monitoring service and media forecasting

Need a media monitoring service to track TV newscasts?

Need a heads-up service for seeing Canadian Press Wire stories before they hit the headlines? Command News is the only real-time service for monitoring media stories on The Canadian Press Wire and receiving instant news alerts to developing stories as they happen. Our clients rely on this advance notice to give them more time to plan their public relations strategy and prepare their spokespeople for media interviews and inquiries. Sign up for a complimentary, no obligation trial today!