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Target media across the country, in any city, in English and French.

Send press releases over The Canadian Press Wire Network to get your message inside newsroom editorial systems, in front of journalists.

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When you need to maximize exposure to your message, rely on Marketwired, now part of Nasdaq, for press release distribution services. Through an alliance with The Canadian Press, Marketwired is the only news release distributor with exclusive access to send your releases over the same Canadian Press Wire Network. The Canadian Press Wire Network delivers your news copy directly into the editorial systems of hundreds of newspapers, radio and TV stations and websites across Canada.

Marketwired’s delivery provides Canadian media with easy access to your news in a format they are used to using, improving the chances for your message being seen by the widest possible audience of journalists.

Reach media outlets from coast to coast

Marketwired’s full suite of distribution solutions gives you the flexibility to target media across the country, in any city, province, territory, in English and French.

Find out more about the advantages of Marketwired's relationship with The Canadian Press, and how you can put your news and information in front of the media who matter most. Contact a representative today to get started.

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Send a photo with your next press release. The Canadian Press Images provides photo distribution to the media and a photo assignment service with photographers who specialize in capturing “media-style,” attention-grabbing photos to optimize your chances for media pickup. Call 1-866-599-0599 or email for more information.

Get a heads-up whenever one of our journalists writes a story based on your press release and sends it on The Canadian Press Wire for potential coverage by more than 600 newspapers, radio and TV stations across Canada. Command News is the only real-time service that lets you monitor The Canadian Press Wire and receive instant news alerts before the stories may hit the headlines. Sign up for a complimentary, no obligation trial today!