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The Canadian Press along with its French-language counterpart, La Presse Canadienne, is Canada's multimedia news agency, jointly owned by three of Canada's best known and most respected media companies (more on our owners, Square Victoria Communications Group, parent company of Gesca Ltée, Torstar Corporation, through its subsidiary Torstar Holdings Inc. and The Globe and Mail). We have been keeping Canadians informed and telling people the story of their country for almost a century (more on our history). 

Over 200 of our journalists produce award-winning stories, photos, graphics, audio and video (more on our people). Our multimedia news is delivered round the clock and in real time to daily newspapers and more than 500 radio and TV stations. All rely on news coverage from The Canadian Press when preparing their print pages, online sites and on-air newscasts (more on who we serve).

In addition, government, corporations, publishers and associations subscribe to our leading-edge news and information services for delivery of credible content to thousands of websites, magazines, elevator screens and wireless devices. For public relations/communications professionals, we offer a complete suite of ad delivery, photography, photo distribution and news monitoring services (more on our products and services).

The Canadian Press is Canada’s most trusted news source leading the digital age, delivering comprehensive, accurate, impartial and balanced news reporting from Canada and around the world (more on our newsgathering and news-sharing process and our editorial values).

Connecting Canadians to each other and the world

Many Canadians are familiar with THE CANADIAN PRESS credit on countless newspaper stories and photos capturing memorable events, as well as the radio news reports from our broadcast journalists. However, most may be surprised to learn that much of the Canadian content online comes from The Canadian Press as well.

We are also the exclusive distributor of The Associated Press in Canada. The Canadian Press World Desk editors sift through a massive file of international news stories from AP, the world's largest news agency, looking for stories of particular interest to Canadians. We have a reporter based in Washington to provide a Canadian perspective on news from our southern neighbour. And we have an extensive network of news stringers supplementing the world report.

We go deep in Canada, and the result is a news report that is unmatched for its breadth and timeliness.


Importance of our role as Canada’s national news agency

"...Thank you for the important role you play
in our democracy."

- The Right Honourable Pierre Elliot Trudeau
  in his final interview with The Canadian Press, 2000

Excerpt from June 2006 Senate Report on the Canadian News Media

The availability of wire services facilitates covering a country as large as Canada, which is sparsely populated in the vast majority of its territory.
This Committee believes that one way to foster the diversity of news voices in Canada is to have economically viable and well functioning wire services. They give readers of local papers of all sizes news from around the country, from other newspapers that belong to the wire service. Even large newspapers such as the Toronto Star and the Globe and Mail told the Committee that they could not cover everything themselves.
As an example, The Canadian Press has its own network of journalists, photographers and bureaus across the countryIts co-operative structure also allows it to benefit from the shared contributions from its members of news and pictures. This cross-country network of news organisations provides diverse news sources to all its members. In particular, and in contrast to other news bureaus, it does so in both official languages. The Canadian Press also has taken significant steps to be present on the Internet.

If The Canadian Press or comparable wire services no longer existed, small independent news organizations would be less able to cover international, nationl and, at times, even regional stories. This would be detrimental to the existing diversity of news voices in Canada. The Commitee urges subscriber/shareholders to continue support for Canada's only national news service, The Canadian Press. 

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